Truths I Never Told You by Kelly Rimmer

‘Truths I Never Told You’ by Kelly Rimmer – so sad, but absolutely engrossing; an emotionally charged tale of love and loss, parenthood, family ties and divided loyalties.
Beginning with a recently discovered, utterly heart-breaking letter, so begins a heart-breaking journey through the troubled relationships of Grace, Maryanne and Beth.  Told primarily through the narratives of Grace and Beth, with more than thirty years between them, we learn of their individual battles with devastating post-natal depression, the issues faced within each era, and the impact on both them and the people around them.
After ploughing through a few quite banal books, this was like reaching an oasis in the desert; definitely a 5 star read!
A note of caution however; the content deals with a very real portrayal of mental illness, so if you are currently ‘fragile’ then please take this into consideration before reading.