The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse

Amanda Prowse has a real talent for writing human stories about genuine people in real life situations, and once again, in ‘The Food of Love,’ she doesn’t disappoint.  Freya Braithwaite has, she feels, her perfect life.  She has a husband she loves and two gorgeous daughters, Charlotte and Lexi; but when a teacher calls Freya in for a chat, she doesn’t expect to be advised of the school’s concern for her daughter’s welfare, in particular her weight loss and eating habits.  Freya initially responds with anger at what she sees as a personal attack on her ability to look after her daughter.
However, the seed of doubt is planted, and gradually, as Freya begins to observe her beloved teenage daughter more closely she realises that her daughter has a serious problem; a problem that is gathering pace and which will wreak havoc and even destroy the happy family and loving environment she has accepted as the norm!
Due to the emotive, and for some people, potentially triggering subject matter, this is not a story to be read lightly.  Lexi’s self-destructive battle with food rips through this close-knit family, dividing them with its anger, guilt, compassion, love and a myriad of emotions that finally threatens to break the family permanently.
With its strong female leads and powerful subject matter, Amanda Prowse grips her reads and doesn’t let go until the end.  An easy 5 stars.


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