Playdate by Alex Dahl

This was a great read! It’s a long time since I’ve found a 5 star read…but this one made the grade! Alex Dahl writes a complex, yet believable story, wrapped up neatly in a tight plot.
The story revolves around the Blix family, primarily mum Elisa, and daughter, Lucia.
One afternoon after school, Lucia is invited on her first playdate and subsequent sleepover with her new school friend Josie. When Elisa goes to collect her the next day, Lucia has vanished, along with Josie, and Josie’s mum Line (otherwise known as Jacqueline).
Crime on this scale is rarely seen in Norway and a large scale police operation is launched to find the missing girl!
As the days turn into weeks, turn into months, with no sign of her daughter, Elisa is forced to face up to her past and the secrets that lie buried there if she is to find Lucia alive.
Told in turn from the perspectives of Elisa, Jacqueline, Lucia and a mysterious male called Marcus, events gradually unfold to reveal a shocking story of betrayal and revenge, and how the actions of our past can follow us into our future, with devastating consequences.