Watching You by Lisa Jewell

Lisa Jewell is now a name I seek when it comes to choosing a new book to read. She has become a bit of a wizard at developing dysfunctional families and quirky characters who are little awkward and out of place. She has a keen eye for detail, particularly where people are concerned, which brings the characters alive.
‘Watching You,’ is a very appropriate title for this book as it appears that everyone in Melville Heights is watching each other, their main focus of attention being Tom Fitzwilliam, the much-loved headteacher of the local school, who ‘turned it around!’
What are the secrets of Melville Heights and what is its connection with the murdered body found by PC Rose Pelham, and a schoolgirl’s diary from 1996? Told from different viewpoints, this was really an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable read.
I give it 4 stars – and look forward to Lisa Jewell’s next book very much!