Unexpected by Kelly Rimmer

‘Unexpected’ by Kelly Rimmer is one of those books you read in between the ‘serious’ ones; a fairly predictable, best-friends-falling-in-love kind of romance which is destined for a happy ending. In this case, the best friends are Marcus and Abby, although perhaps Marcus wishes it were a little more. Abby meanwhile, has received unfortunate news that her fertility is declining fast, and wants to have a baby NOW before she no longer can! For this purpose she is hoping to enlist Luca, Marcus’ gay brother, as a sperm donor. Add to the mix a long lost father making contact with son Marcus for the first time since his desertion, and you have a sensitive man with dad-abandonment issues who will no doubt be hoping that he will one day make a better job of the role!
This was an easy read, but a pleasant easy read leading to a predictably happy ending, with no nasty surprises waiting on the next page.
I give this book 3 stars.