The Dilemma by B A Paris

I have loved every one of the novels by B.A. Paris so far, and ‘The Dilemma’ is no exception!
At the heart of the story is a tale of communication, or lack of, and how withholding information for whatever reason, can result in major issues. The reasons generally are, of course, entirely subjective, sometimes selfish but not always, and as Newton’s famous Third Law states, will result in ‘an equal and opposite reaction.’
The main characters are husband and wife team Livia and Adam, and their two adult children, Marnie and Ben. It’s the eve of Livia’s 40th birthday party, an event she has been planning for a very long time, and which is intended to make up for the lack of a ‘proper’ wedding celebration many years ago.
Livia however has discovered something shocking about Marnie, a secret so shocking she can barely deal with herself. She needs to tell Adam, but Marnie is the apple of his eye, so she decides to wait, at least until the party is over.
Adam also has a secret about Marnie, which will devastate his wife when he tells her – so he decides to preserve her last chance at happiness for the party she has planned for so long.
Supporting sub-plots revolve around Adam and his son, Livia and her mother, and the best friend that Livia is now desperate to avoid.
I can’t say anymore or the story would be spoiled, but reassured, this is a cracking story that will keep you reading beyond your bedtime!
I give this book 4 stars.