I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll

‘I am going to use cheese wire on you.’
The sinister first line of the opening chapter and I am hooked!
Alice is a journalist at a local paper, and when she first receives this call, she doesn’t realise that Wednesday is about to become her most terrifying day of the week – for Alice has a stalker, and every Wednesday he has a new terror planned for her!
Although police take the situation seriously, lack of evidence initially means that they have nothing to act upon, so concerned boyfriend, Tom, hires PI Matthew Hill to protect Alice.
As the stalker persists and the attacks become increasingly threatening, the police and Matthew begin to fear for Alice’s life, and the hunt for his identity becomes a race against time.
The story is told from three perspectives; Alice, Matthew…and the person known simply as ‘Him.’ The titles entitled ‘Him,’ are terribly sad and horrifying all at the same time as they build a picture of the man behind the stalker, the abuse he endured, the volcanic anger and rage building and waiting to erupt, and the devastating significance of Wednesday.
A great read. Enjoy.