A Million Dreams by Dani Atkins

I enjoy stories with a hefty bit of emotion and a moral dilemma, so ‘A Million Dreams’ by Dani Atkins did not disappoint!
The story is based around two couples. Pete and Izzy are separated, but remain the doting parents of Noah, a much-wanted child conceived using IVF. Beth and Tim had just a few short years together and several failed attempts at IVF before Tim died of cancer; there is one frozen embryo remaining, Beth’s final link with Tim, and Beth wants to try and conceive Tim’s baby one last time – even if Tim is gone.
BUT, here’s the dilemma; due to a mix up at the fertility clinic, Beth’s last remaining embryo has been used and her dream of being a mother now belongs to someone else!
A very believable story in the modern day world of IVF, embryos in storage and designer babies. Inevitably human’s err – but this human error comes at enormous cost to Beth.
The first half of the book was the most enjoyable in my opinion; it lost a little of its emotional weight as the story progressed which due to the very nature of the content would be difficult to sustain over hundreds of pages. Otherwise, a very good read.