You Betrayed Me by Lisa Jackson

Another enjoyable Lisa Jackson read! I don’t think I have read the others in the Cahill series, but this was also a standalone story.

For those readers around in the 1980s, this definitely had a sense of the American soap opera about it. ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty’ eat your heart out!

The story begins with a tantalising glimpse into an isolated cabin where someone is being held captive, before launching into the story.

James Cahill, from the infamous San Francisco Cahill family, wealthy and single, is a player. We see Megan, hysterical and vengeful after her discovery that James is seeing another woman, Sophie. We see Megan’s sister ,Rebecca ,turning up to investigate her sister’s subsequent unexplained disappearance. We discover that Megan was actually successor to her sister’s relationship with James, and based on lies! Complicated and messy!

James Cahill meanwhile, lies on a hospital bed after being found at home, unconscious with a head injury. He claims amnesia and we are party to his memory very slowly returning as the story is very gradually pieced together.

The story is slightly confusing in parts. There are lots of main characters including some in disguise, and we are never quite sure who we should trust.

Also, I was never 100% sure who exactly it was in the cabin right at the very beginning.

Despite these relatively minor issues, it was an enjoyable story…with the ending left open for a sequel!

I give this book 3 stars.