With or Without You by Shari Low

Shari Low uses a really interesting ‘sliding doors’ concept in ‘With or Without You,’ to explore the nature of relationships, actions and consequences – and whether we are set on a destination in life regardless of the decisions we make about life.
Liv and Nate have been married for six years and sadly life is becoming routine and mundane. It is New Years Eve on the cusp of the new millennium, and as they see the new year in together, the couple finally decide to make that difficult decision and go their separate ways…Can they be sure, however, that it is the right decision?
Over the next twenty years Shari Low very cleverly explores two sides to Liv and Nate’s story; in one scenario they remain together despite their doubts, in the other they do indeed go their separate ways.
The consequences of both actions make for a very thought provoking read!
I give this book 4 stars.