White Bodies by Jane Robins

A psychologically disturbing read, with a strangely fascinating take on domestic abuse, obsessive relationships and the many manifestations of love.
Callie and Tilda are sisters; Tilda has a petite beauty and grace that Callie adores to the point of infatuation. Tilda however, has fallen in love with Felix, and the two appear to be the perfect match in every way – until Tilda begins to change. She becomes thinner and more fragile, increasingly distancing herself from Callie, and passive in the presence of Felix. When bruises begin to appear on her sister’s skin, Callie fears for her life. When her attempts to protect Tilda fall on deaf ears and fail, Callie, in desperation turns to an online support forum for victims of domestic abuse and begins to get drawn deeper into a sinister world of fear and violence which threatens to engulf her too.
I found this book very different from others I have read from the psychological thriller genre, and it was this difference which I personally found so compelling.
I gave this book 4*