When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmer

‘When I Lost You’ by Kelly Rimmer is a beautiful, sensitive, tender, insightful read.

Leo is Molly’s brother’s best friend; the man who knew the truth about his life and his death. Molly, sheltered and protected, her parent’s only remaining child is desperate to know the truth about what happened to her brother and believes Leo is the only one that can give her that truth. Leo and Molly are from very different worlds that collide with a love and passion they cannot ignore. Their relationship carries them rapidly to marriage – and then, as quickly as it began, so it begins to fall apart.

The story opens in the present day with Leo, seriously injured, in a coma, brought back from his travels as a journalist covering the most dangerous conflicts around the world, and Molly at his bedside.

As the reader we are aware of the great love between them, but this is tarnished by Molly’s revelations that after only three years of marriage they are on the point of divorce, loving and hating in equal measure.

The problem; as Leo emerges from his coma he has no memories either of Molly, or of his life with her in it!

This isn’t just a love story; this is a story about many, many different conflicts, and how they affect our lives, the decisions we make and the consequences that follow. War, race, colour, wealth, poverty, choice….all make an appearance, all cause conflict, all have consequences, but perhaps the greatest issue of all as we witness the intense love emerging between Molly and Leo once again, is compromise.

A great, thought provoking book.


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