Viral by Helen Fitzgerald

Anyone who has ever filmed random events with or without permission, used social media and posted footage to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc., should read this book – and more importantly take note of the message!
The opening line is certainly an attention grabber, and having read the blurb I inwardly cringed in anticipation of possibly one of the biggest nightmares of the digital age.
In one, out-of-character, drug and alcohol-fueled holiday night in Magaluf, nice-girl Su’s actions successfully destroy any vestige of a respectable reputation she had. Unbeknown to her, the incident is filmed and posted online and suddenly she is viewing her barely remembered actions online, along with her family, her friends, her work colleagues, and ultimately several hundred thousand plus strangers.
Su flees Magaluf and goes into hiding while her family at home also face the consequences of this one-off event.
The power of social media is never more scarily present than in ‘Viral'; and the ever-present cameras in a ‘big brother is watching’ world give a haunting glimpse into the future of personal freedom.
A great book with a powerful message.
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