Then She Vanishes by Claire Douglas

Claire Douglas negotiates her way through a clever and complicated plot which is tight and maintains interest right to the very end. I find many books within this genre that deliver a cracking story, often fade out with a whimper at the end leaving the reader very dissatisfied; ‘Then She Vanishes’ by Claire Douglas does not!
The story opens with a bang, quite literally, as two people are shot dead, murdered in their home; it appears to be a cut and dried case with a clear suspect and motive. The events leading up to the murder are explored using flashbacks seen through the eyes of both Flora and Heather, the two sisters around who the main action unfolds, and childhood friend Jess, now a journalist who is investigating the case for a local newspaper. Heather’s mother, Margot, fills in gaps here and there to complete the plot.
I didn’t engage with the story as fully as I expected to, hence my 3 star rating, but if you’re looking for a psychological thriller with a good plot, then this is sure to satisfy!