The Wife Who Got a Life by Tracy Bloom

I read the first few chapters of ‘The Wife Who Got a Life’ wondering if I would make it to the end. Another story, so I initially thought, about a mid-life, stay-at-home mum with absent working husband, struggling to cope single-handedly with kids, housework, cooking etc., and bumbling along in a haphazard, disorganised way.

However…I read on…and I was pleasantly surprised!

Cathy is given a motivational diary by her sister Lizzie, who is living the good life in LA. At first she dismisses it, but gradually, fed up with her life as it stands, she decides to give it a go.

Cathy sets herself a goal a month for the year, and so begins her journey to a better life.

This turned out to be quite an uplifting read in the end, and once the whinging had stopped and the action had started, it was relatable.

In the end I gave ‘The Wife Who Got a Life’ four stars as it really grew on me.

If you’re reading this review BEFORE reading the book, stick with it! It’s worth it!