The Weekends of You and Me by Fiona Walker

After reading ‘Snap Happy’ years ago, I have found myself drawn to new Fiona Walker publications; my response to them being a mix of complete love of or total indifference.  This book fell somewhere between the two, mainly because the first 25% just seemed so slow!  But…bear with it, because the slow 25% is a really important and integral part of what is to come and it undoubtedly gets more interesting.  One thing Fiona Walker is always good at, is writing about love, particularly her ‘will they, won’t they’ romances.  In ‘The Weekends of You and Me’ we get an older Fiona Walker no longer writing just about falling in love, getting together etc., etc., – which Jo and Harry of course do, rapidly, desperately and passionately – but about staying the distance.  We follow Jo and Harry through the early days of their fierce attraction and intense relationship, where most of their days are spent having sex just about everywhere.  We move on through life with them to buying a house, having children until 8 years on they are in a marriage rapidly going stale under the pressures of parenthood, money worries employment and a seemingly endless stream of arguments.
The characters in the book are well-developed and very likeable, but I found the essence of the story rather sad, almost like it’s an inevitability that far from the first flush of new love, and now rooted in reality, relationships are destined to lead to separation and divorce.
Central to the story is the dilapidated but cosy Morrow Cottage, tucked away in the middle of nowhere and where much of the action takes place.
One unanswered question torments me however.  What happened to the lovely Rathbone????

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.


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