The Unprescription for Autism by Janet Lintala

The link between autism and gastro-intestinal balance is now well-documented, as is treatment with medication, and I err on the side of caution with both. I don’t believe that there is ‘one’ method for improving the symptoms of autism, whether it be chemical or natural, and as a parent, in fact as a member of a family of four with first hand experience, and who were quite literally at the end of their tether, medication provided us with immediate relief while we came to terms with a diagnosis and began to plan to move forward. Also, having IBS, being wheat intolerant, and therefore dealing with Gastrointestinal issues personally, I have experienced first hand the benefits of dietary improvements, pro-biotics and pre-biotics etc; however, I have also seen autistic children taking control through food, and subsequently parents who just want to get their child to eat something, anything – but just to eat! Food can also be an extremely tricky area for someone with autism, often focussing on texture, colour, combinations – not just nutrition.
This is a very good, very informative book, but like all books on autism, it will form part of my wider library informing the bigger picture for managing my child’s very individual autism.


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