The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

I read Nicola Yoon’s previous YA novel, ‘Everything, Everything,’ and was very touched by her sensitive portrayal of young love and the originality of her subject matter, so when I saw ‘The Son Is Also A Star’ was available I jumped at the chance to read it! I was not disappointed.
Another sensitively handled YA romance which also addresses difficult topics such as cultural differences, expectations, immigration and deportation.
Natasha is a native Jamaican who has lived in America since she was eight years old with her parents who are undocumented immigrants; her young brother Peter was born here. Now however, at 17 and due to graduate with her whole life ahead of her, she is being deported with her family back to Jamaica following her father being charged with ‘Driving Under the Influence’ of alcohol. Angry and resentful at the lack of control she has over her own destiny, Natasha will exhaust all the options to stay before she gives up – even at the eleventh hour!
Daniel is Korean, the second son of his successful Korean parents, living in the shadow of his older brother who has done everything right – until now. In the wake of his brother’s shame having been ‘kicked out’ of Harvard for his poor grades, Daniel finds himself coming under even more scrutiny from his father.
Natasha is practical, logical, scientifically minded and factual; Daniel is a poetry-writing romantic and believes in love, fate and happy endings. In a moment of fate Daniel stops Natasha stepping out in front of a car and saves her life.
Through numerous cameo moments taken from Natasha’s and Daniel’s perspective, interspersed with intimate snapshots of peoples’ lives who cross their paths during the day, paragraphs of fact and little snippets of history, Nicola Yoon weaves a wonderful story told in a day of a gentle romance blossoming against all the odds. Lovely!

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