The Secrets of Sunshine by Phaedra Patrick

The Secrets of Sunshine by Phaedra Patrick is a nice, gentle and heartwarming story.
Mitchell is a widower and single parent to Poppy. He is still grieving the sudden and tragic loss of his wife Anita in a car accident a few years ago. Previously an engineer, designing and working on bridges, he now removes the padlocks from them; love tokens left by others. Mitchell is full of regrets, bitterness and a certain amount of anger over the path his life has taken.
One day however, following a freak accident in which a young woman falls from a bridge into the river below, Mitchell unexpectedly becomes something of a local hero when he jumps into the water and saves her. Amidst local press interest, Mitchell meets Liza, a young teacher grieving losses of her own.
The Secrets of Sunshine was not a taxing read, either cognitively or emotionally, but it did leave me with a warm feeling of certainty that love conquers all, and that Mitchell had finally found his happy ever after.
I give this book 3 stars.