The Promise by Teresa Driscoll

Three friends; three inseparable young girls and a big, terrible secret; a secret so big and so terrible that together they have sworn never to tell a soul.

Sal, Beth and Carole first meet at boarding school and become firm friends. We learn that as adults, Sal and Beth have remained friends, living close enough to support each other through the trials and tribulations of life. Carole, however, has moved on, living abroad with her husband and losing contact with those back home.

And then there’s the secret. Beth’s flashbacks reveal glimpses of a girl with blue lips and lots of blood.

Who? What? Where? How? So many questions…and the answers when they come are shocking!

Told through chapters separated by time and perspective, the story unfolds gradually, revealing, piece by piece the tragic events of that night, and the dreadful weight of their actions that the friends have carried since.

The Promise was a good read. I really engaged with the characters, and the twist(s) were truly shocking, perhaps because they were so believable.

I give this book 4 stars.