The Other Girl by Erica Spindler

‘The Other Girl’ by Erica Spindler was for me a fairly standard detective thriller although the early pages of the story were quite compelling. A well loved and respected professor is found murdered and mutilated. Bad girl turned detective Miranda, and her partner Jake are called in to investigate. Cue flashbacks to the historical kidnap of two teen girls; one escapes and runs to get help, and the other is raped and never seen again. The escapee was Randi, aka Miranda Rader.
When evidence found at the scene of the professor’s murder implicates Miranda, she begins to make connections between past and present events. Can she solve the crime and clear her name before she loses everything she has worked so hard for?
There wasn’t much guesswork involved in this story; the links between the crimes and the people involved was fairly obvious from early on in the book, although this may have been deliberate in order to develop the character of Miranda from her poor beginnings to her respectable present day. I didn’t really feel the relationships between the characters had much depth, either between Miranda and Jake as lovers, or her boss who was apparently a guiding light in her development as a police officer. The loose ends were all tied up neatly and there were no pieces left unfinished, but although I enjoyed ‘The Other Girl,’ it didn’t really warrant more than 3 stars from me.


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