The Obsession by Nora Roberts

I really enjoyed ‘The Obsession’ by Nora Roberts, the first of hers that I have read.  The events of the opening chapter are mind-blowing; incomprehensible that a 12 year old child should be a witness to such events – and the way in which she deals with the psychological trauma as she grows into her adult years is entirely believable.
Having moved around with work for years, shunning people and preferring her own company, Naomi Carsons finally buys a house; albeit a rural isolated house which is seriously run down and in need of work.  Tentatively putting down roots in the hope that she can finally lay the ghosts of her past to rest, Naomi suddenly finds herself with a pet dog, people she can finally call friends – and a seriously hot man friend, Xander – who she might actually be falling in love with!
As Naomi finally begins to settle and relax into her new found routine however, the past suddenly begins to catch up with her, threatening her happiness and endangering her friends – and this time Naomi is the target!
Nora Robert’s plot is well-planned and, I think, keeps the big reveal to the very last pages.  Some of you more-discerning readers may have seen it coming – but I certainly didn’t!  Nora’s style is easy to read, and her characters very natural and likeable.
A solid 4 star read, and I will be returning to Nora Robert’s books for more of the same!


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