The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell

‘The Night She Disappeared’ is another great read by Lisa Jewell, an author whose new books I look out for, knowing that I’ll always get a good one!

The book opens with a brief paragraph about 19 year old Tallulah ‘in the dark,’ which tells us nothing initially, until we meet Kim in Chapter One. Kim waved her daughter Tallulah, and boyfriend Zach, off on their date the previous evening, promising to watch their son Noah so that they could enjoy a rare night out. Tallulah and Zach never come home.

A year after they disappear, Sophie moves with her partner into a house in the grounds of Maypole House, a private school in the village. Sophie is a published author of mystery novels, and is immediately intrigued by note she finds pinned to a fence post that reads, ‘dig here.’

As Sophie delves in the disappearance of Tallulah and Zach, becoming acquainted with Kim along the way, the timelines gradually merge until they become one in the present moment, and the pair join forces to bring the story to its climax.

Lisa Jewell, master storyteller, cleverly works her story around several viewpoints and timelines, gradually revealing a fascinating plot like a jigsaw being constructed piece by piece. As the picture builds we are introduced to well-developed characters, good dialogue and complex relationships.

Scarlett Jacques is probably the most intriguing character; a girl of many faces, the reader is never quite sure what her truth is, even at the end.

I must confess to being just a little bit disappointed at the ending, although I don’t really have any alternative suggestions, hence my four stars, but overall, readers, you are in for another gem of a read!