The Moon is Broken by Eleanor Craig

What a sad, sad story of a mother’s fight to keep hold of her beloved daughter. Mental illness has no respect for status, money, position…it takes hold and brings even the strongest to their knees. Ann Craig, daughter of the author, Eleanor Craig, had it all; a straight ‘A’ student with a promising future ahead of her, Ann was born to professional and respected parents, brought up in a privileged home with a loving family who cared for each other – AND she had a therapist for a mother. How then did Ann Craig end up severely mentally ill, on the streets living as a down and out drug addict, and dying of AIDS. This is their story, poignantly written by a mother who felt helpless in the face of her daughter’s suffering despite her own profession. Occasionally clumsy in its telling, this is nevertheless a very moving account of a very real situation.


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