The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond

A great read! Initially I was a little sceptical of the storyline; an apparently happily married couple, Jake and Alice, are invited to sign a ‘marriage pact,’ which gives them entry into an elite group of specially selected people dedicated to remaining married, contented and faithful to each other ‘for as long as ye both shall live.’ Obviously the readers are supposed to feel a little suspicious of this, otherwise why write a story about it; however, I must admit to having been scathing rather than suspicious, wondering why on earth this intelligent, motivated couple would even consider entering into such an arrangement. As the story progresses however, and the couple inadvertently begin to fall foul of the pact and its endless rules, it becomes increasingly clear that whatever way Alice and Jake turn, they are trapped. So begins a bitter struggle to escape the strict rules and intense punishments of ‘the marriage pact’ before somebody dies….
This was a four star read for me.