The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After by Jenny Colgan

A great read! ‘The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After’ had just the right amount of forth and romance, with a bit of thought-provoking reality thrown in for good measure.
The main character is quiet, mousy, bookish Nina living her safe and predictable life in Birmingham, working as a librarian, living with a friend and quite happy as she is, thank you very much. When redundancy strikes Nina initially panics as she faces losing everything when she loses her job, and her regular income.
Opportunities however, present themselves sometimes in the most unexpected of ways, and as she faces an uncertain future, Nina decides to move out of her comfort zone and embrace the chance she has been given to branch out on her own. She buys a large van, fills it with old library stock, moves to Scotland and sets up her mobile ‘Little Shop of Happy Ever After.’
Of course there’s romance; in fact there are two in a very small space of time, as Nina blossoms in her new life, attracting the soulful and romantic Marek and the bad-tempered farmer and Landlord Lennox.
As Nina negotiates her way through her new life she finds within the person she never knew she was, grows in confidence, even becoming the envy of friends she left behind in Birmingham.
This is a gorgeous story, full of love, hope and dreams fulfilled. My only regret was that I finished it so quickly!

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