The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd

Great premise, great book, gripping read!

Dennis Danson has been waiting on death row in Florida for twenty years, convicted of the murder of teenager Holly Michaels.

Samantha is disillusioned with herself and with her life in Britain as a schoolteacher.

Dennis claims he is innocent; Samantha believes him.

So begins a tentative written correspondence between the two, a correspondence that grows in intimacy, and powered by the strength of the campaign for his release, results in their marriage while Dennis remains behind bars.

Suddenly however, as new evidence comes to light, the campaign for Dennis’s release becomes a reality, he is pardoned of the murder of Holly Michaels and freed. The couple whose marriage began behind bars and on paper now have to learn about each other all over again in a whole new set of challenging circumstances.

The Innocent Wife is an unsettling read. Told primarily from Sam’s point of view, as the reader, you can positively feel her unease as she begins to live alongside her new husband. Gradually, as his true nature is slowly revealed, Samantha begins to question how innocent Dennis really is, and as his secrets are finally uncovered, begins to fear finally for her own life.

My only complaint really was that the relationship between Samantha and Dennis lacked truth. We were told that they loved each other, we were told that they wanted to be married, but I never really felt it. Perhaps that was deliberate in that the distance between them reflected how little they really knew each other.

Other than that this was a really good read; I could hardly put the book down and powered through it very quickly.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.