The Idea of You by Amanda Prowse

‘The Idea of You’ was truly another lovely story by Amanda Prowse. Her detailed observations of peoples’ behaviours and reactions in a variety of trying circumstances are excellent, and yet despite the many trials and tribulations of her characters, the stories manage to maintain an aura of warmth and hope and an indomitable human spirit. To date I have not come across an Amanda Prowse story that I did not enjoy; the only thing that lost that extra star for me in this case, was that it was perhaps a little cliched.
This particular story revolves around Lucy, Jonah and Lucy’s stepdaughter, Camille. Lucy, middle aged, attractive and single yearns to be a mother, but is losing hope of ever meeting Mr Right and having a family of their own. That is until she meets Jonah at a christening they are both attending. Following a whirlwind romance they are married, and Lucy is hopeful that she will finally find her happy ever after! She didn’t however factor on Camille, Jonah’s daughter by a previous relationship; wilful and difficult, Camille seems to be doing everything she can to come between Lucy and Jonah and finally drive them apart..until one day she discovers that she actually needs Lucy more than she ever thought she would. Suddenly Lucy is forced to confront the demons from her own past, and face the pain that they bring to her present….
An excellent book which I thoroughly enjoyed.