The Girl in the Corner by Amanda Prowse

I have read a few books by Amanda Prowse by now, and what never ceases to impress me, is how well she portrays ordinary people living ordinary lives, and how they deal with their personal extraordinary events.
In ‘The Girl in the Corner’ we are introduced to shy, quiet reserved Rae-Valentine, the embodiment of the ‘girl in the corner’ who at 16 meets the lively, loud and big hearted Dolly. They become best friends, and in the fullness of time Rae-Valentine meets and marries Howard, Dolly’s brother, and becomes absorbed into the family’s restaurant business. So she devotes the next 25 years to her family, her friends and the business, meeting everyone’s needs but her own.
Our first meeting with Rae-Valentine is at the 25 year marker; the party to celebrate her silver wedding anniversary, the big one! Instead of being the best night of her married life however, the evening crumbles along with her heart as Howard confesses to a two week fling with a young waitress who worked for them. Heartbroken, Rae-Valentine flees to Antigua with best friend Dolly, on what should have been a second honeymoon celebration, but which instead becomes a reflection on her life, her marriage, family and friendships as she desperately to find a way forward through the shambles of her marriage. Can she forgive and forget, returning to her life of the past 25 years, or is it time, finally, to listen to her own heart and forge her own path ahead, but alone!
This was a very satisfying read; I give it 4 stars.