The Forgotten Woman by Angela Marsons

I read ‘The Forgotten Woman’ immediately after ‘Dear Mother’ and it is clear to me that Angela Marsons has an excellent insight into childhood abuse and its effects on the victims’ lives as they move into adulthood. Written with empathy, sensitivity and compassion, ‘The Forgotten Woman’ is a progressive story of a friendship that develops between two alcoholic females trying to move on and make something of their lives. Kit is a runaway from her sexually abusive stepfather finds herself out on the streets, fending for herself and turning to prostitution for survival. Frances is the polar opposite; cold, controlled, professional and from a highly privileged background. They meet at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and gradually form an unlikely allegiance in their battle against the booze.
The longer I spent with the characters, the more this story grew on me. Both Kit and Frances are very likeable characters with very believable flaws. They follow a clear progressive path from beginning to end and I found myself willing them to seize their second chance life, make the right choices and move forward with the changes. From a very negative start to their lives, ‘The Forgotten Woman’ ended just right on a positive note with just enough of an open end to leave the reader hoping that they make it…..


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