The Fire Child by S. K. Tremayne

Everything about The Fire Child is chilling, sinister and dark from the bleak Cornish setting of the tin mining country, to the stately but crumbling Carnhallow House, to the three rather disturbing and disturbed characters around whom the story revolves. David brings new bride Rachel back to his family mansion where she will take over the role of stepmother to his eight year old son Jamie. Jamie’s mother, Nina, died eighteen months previously, believed drowned after a fall down a mine pit, but her body was never found. As Rachel settles into her new life as the new mistress of Carnhallow House, it becomes clear that there are secrets surrounding the disappearance of Nina; secrets that David doesn’t want anyone to know, least of all his new wife Rachel. When Jamie starts making frightening predictions which appear to be coming true, and her new marriage starts to fall apart, Rachel begins to feel that she is going mad, and memories of her own past come flooding back.
This is a truly sinister read, reminiscent of the gothic novels of the past with its hint of madness, the big brooding house and bleak setting. Thoroughly enjoyable read.


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