The Christmas Lights by Karen Swan

This book was just a lovely read from beginning to end.

Bo and Zac are Instagram action heroes, ‘The Wanderlusters,’ living their roaming, adrenaline filled lives through social media; their cameraman, Lenny, ensures their Instagram pages are filled with great shots, and their followers continue to rise. Their latest commission is to spend a month living in a remote shelf farm in Norway, where they are to be living advertisements for an outdoor clothing company called Ridge Riders. Here they meet the enigmatic Signy, in her 90s and full of secrets, and her grandson Anders, a blonde, blue-eyed ‘viking,’ aloof and brooding, and clearly very irritated by the intrusion of The Wanderlusters out of season!
It wasn’t an action packed book, full of thrills and packed with secrets despite the characters – but just a great, progressive book building with tension from an attention-grabbing opening to a satisfying ending with enough drama to keep the reader hooked.
I have to say I don’t think the storyline actually had a great deal to do with ‘The Christmas Lights’ of the title; in fact, the cynic in me would say that the title was designed to coincide with the season it was published, to maximise on its purchase as presents during the festive season!
Nevertheless, if you do find it in your Christmas stocking, then embrace it; ‘The Christmas Light’ is a great read and gets four stars from me!