The Breakdown by B. A. Paris

The debut novel, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ by B. A. Paris was just brilliant. So on completion of a Book Club read over 4 long weeks, knowing I had ‘The Breakdown’ waiting in the wings made my next choice easy – and I was not disappointed. 24 hours! That’s all it took me to read and complete; 24 hours – I couldn’t put it down. It was so, so easy to rate; an easy five stars without a doubt! Just brilliant.
Cass, the main character, is very believable, haunted as she is by her past – and by the future that might lie ahead. In a moment of fear and frustration in the midst of a storm on a dark and lonely road, Cass drives on rather than stop to assist a lone female stranded in her broken down car; the next morning, she learns that the woman was ‘brutally’ murdered in her car – and Cass was probably the last person to see her alive! Traumatised by the news and filled with guilt and regret at her failure to take any action, Cass begins to experience a ‘breakdown’ of an entirely different sort. Haunted by the final years of her mother’s life, as she experiences more and more instances of serious memory loss in what appears to be inexplicable circumstances, Cass fears that she is taking after her mother and suffering symptoms of early onset Dementia. Her neurosis increases to almost unmanageable levels as she begins to receive silent telephone calls and feels that she is being watched. Even the love and support of her husband Matthew, and her best friend Rachel, don’t seem to help.
B. A. Paris holds the reader enthralled as she builds the suspense and tension to a critical level and Cass feels she is going mad.
I must confess, I did begin to have a little inkling as to what might be going on towards the end, but that didn’t detract by any means from the final twist.
Thoroughly recommended five star read!


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