The Break by Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes is back! The Marian Keyes of ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Rachel’s Holiday.’ The real voice of an author I cut my twenty-something teeth on; whose books I devoured voraciously and hungered for more…MARIAN KEYES IS BACK!
Just as her books of young unmarried singletons looking for love appealed to me then, so did the story of Amy appeal to me now; Amy, middle aged, previously divorced, now married to Hugh for the long haul and jointly parenting three girls. That is until Hugh, caught up in a mid-life crisis following the deaths of his father and his friend declares he would like to take a six month break from his home and marriage, alone, to travel and find himself.
Amy is horrified, but determinedly bears the shock, the shame and the uncertainty of life without Hugh. She refuses to engage in enthusiastic, man-hating criticism with her best friend and stoically carries on with her life, dealing with whatever it throws at her – until she sees pictures on Facebook of Hugh – with another woman.
As with all her books, the full story is revealed gradually, piece by piece, woven through flashbacks into the narrative of Amy’s present life until the reader has the complete picture, and as always, all is not as it originally seems. Told with her trademark warmth, humour and great characterisation, this is Marian Keyes at her quirky best!


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