The Boy Most Likely To… by Huntley Fitzpatrick

‘The Boy Most Likely To…’ revisits the characters from Huntley Fitzpatrick’s debut novel, ‘My Life Next Door,’ which I gave my highest rating of 5 stars. I loved it!
In this novel, Huntley Fitzpatrick focuses on Jase’s feisty older sister Alice, and their mutual friend Tim. Tim has a heart of gold, but is a bit of a lost cause; heavily into drinking and drug taking, unreliable and untameable, Tim is given an ultimatum by his father -he sorts himself out independently of his family or he loses a substantial trust fund which is due to be released to him later in the year.
Tim, fed up of living up to his reputation as ‘the boy most like to’ do everything wrong and thrown out of the family home, moves into the living space above Jase’s garage, while he ruminates on what he should do.
Alice has always been in the background as his best friend’s hot older sister, but now, living so close and in the rooms that Alice had hoped to occupy herself, an intense, and on Alice’s side, reluctant, attraction develops between them.
Quite suddenly, a young girl drops a bombshell on their developing relationship and Tim is faced with the repercussions of his wild and irresponsible lifestyle. Will Tim step up to the mark, or will he once again be ‘the boy most likely to…’ let everyone down?
The only thing that let me down I felt was tuning in to the sudden voice changes between Tim and Alice. With no obvious boundary, sometimes it was a little confusing as to whose point of view we were experiencing
I really enjoyed this story. Huntley Fitzpatrick writes really heart warming love stories filled with genuine emotional depth and likeable characters.


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