The Bad Mother by Amanda Brooke

This book had all the constituent parts that would usually make this a great read for me; psychology, family, relationships, threat – but in my (humble) opinion, it lacked one vital ingredient; suspense. It became pretty clear what was going on in Lucy and Adam’s marriage fairly early on. I must admit I hadn’t heard of the specific term ‘gaslighting’ prior to reading this book, but even without the technical term, I worked out what was going on. After that the book just turned into a constant string of domestic events in which Adam wrong-footed Lucy, which rapidly became quite boring after the first few. There was very little development outside of their relationship.
I don’t like giving low scores as I really do appreciate the effort and hard work that goes into writing a book; it is like giving a piece of your self away to be publicly scrutinised, however, I’m afraid that despite my high expectations, I didn’t enjoy this book.