The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse

Nina McCarrick had it all; a rich husband, a beautiful home, two lovely boys living a privileged life – but now Nina McCarrick has nothing!  One phonecall and her life has changed forever.  Her husband Finn is dead and suddenly Nina is faced with the sudden reality of her financial situation; Unbeknown to her, Finn was in debt to the tune of millions and as her beautiful home is seized by bailiffs Nina returns to her impoverished roots in a rundown estate in Southampton, a place she thought she had left forever.  Despondent, but spirited and fuelled by anger that her husband has left his family in this situation, possibly deliberately(?), Nina gradually begins to rebuild her life.
What I truly liked about this story was that there not even a sniff of a romance; no knight in shining armour to rescue the damsel in distress; no bachelor billionaire waiting to sweep Nina off her feet.  No, this is entirely Nina’s story; when she hits rock bottom, with the moral support of her sister, Nina begins to rebuild her life, find a place to live, get a job – and by the end of the book there is real hope for Nina.
This was an addictive, empowering read which I enjoyed immensely.


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