The Apartment by K. L. Slater

‘The Apartment’ seems like the ideal new home for Freya and Skye?? But…if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Freya is left reeling from her husband’s affair, then his sudden death.  She is worried about money, she is worried about being homeless, but more than anything else, she is worried about how all this will affect her five year old daughter, Skye.

Cue…charming Dr Marsden, with his timely offer of surprisingly affordable property to rent in not-so-affordable area of town!

For me alarm bells were ringing, and I must confess to finding Freya unbelievably naïve in accepting such a gift from a complete stranger!  After all, I would love someone to pay all my moving costs….

But, cynicism aside, we have to put ourselves in Freya’s; grieving, broke and desperate, with a young daughter to care for, perhaps any straws would be worth grasping at!

Adder House, the very name reminiscent of snakes and betrayal, filled with creepy residents, unexplained noises and strange smells.

Yes, I enjoyed it, but always at the back of my mind as I neared the end and the true fiend was revealed,  was the thought that it was all just a little bit *too* far-fetched.