Ten Little Words by Leah Mercer

Ella has barriers; ever since her mother walked into the sea and disappeared when she was five years old she has allowed no-one to get close, not her aunt and uncle who brought her up, not her work colleagues, no-one…that is until she sees an advert in a newspaper one day. The advert contains just ten short words – ‘I am always with you. I will always be here;’ the very words that her mother used to say to her before she disappeared forever.

Ten Little Words is a story with heart, and lots of it. Told through the the dual perspective of Ella, and the historical voice of her mother Jude, we learn of a heartbroken little girl, abandoned suddenly by her mother, the aloof and distant adult she becomes, and the story of Jude and Bertie that resulted in her birth.

Ten Little Words is a lovely story told with warmth and compassion that I thoroughly enjoyed.