Strangers by C L Taylor

C L Taylor has become a firm favourite with me. I see her latest book when it comes out, and I want it! After a string of books that were…okay…what a relief it was to dive into her latest, ‘Strangers.’
Ursula, Gareth and Alice are virtual strangers to each other, connected only by the shopping centre which is a daily part of each individual’s life. Alice is a shop manager; Gareth is a centre security officer; and Ursula is a shoplifter.
All three are emotionally vulnerable; yet when danger strikes, all three will come together to fight for each other, and for their lives.
C L Taylor writes psychological thrillers as do many other authors, but what makes her books stand out from others are two things. Firstly, Taylor has a particular talent for imbuing the entirety of her book with tension; her writing is unsettling, the atmosphere uncomfortable. Secondly, her climatic action scenes, often so chaotic and difficult to follow in other books, are clearly mapped out so the reader doesn’t feel like they are ploughing through a fog of action with no clear idea of what is happening.
I give this book 4 stars; it’s tense, atmospheric, invested in its characters and wholly readable.