Right Behind You by Lisa

What a great book! Original storyline, strong characters and a highly suspenseful story! I only discovered Lisa Gardner books last year, and what a treat I found; I now actively look for her latest offering. I wasn’t disappointed.
Telly Ray Nash and his little sister, Sharlah May Nash are victims of their alcoholic and abusive parents. One night, Telly Ray is pushed to his limit and in the process of protecting Sharlah, he kills his father with a baseball bat. The children’s mother is also found dead at the scene and the children are taken into care, fostered out to separate families with the advice that it would be in their best interests not to have contact with each other.
Fast forward several years; both children, now in their teens, are settled with their final foster homes. Sharlah is about to be adopted by hers; Quincy and Rainie, retired law enforcement employees. Telly Ray’s foster parents are working on his life skills in preparation for his imminent independence as a young adult. Neither children at this point are even aware of where the other is.
Suddenly however, four people are found murdered, two at a local fuel station, quickly followed by the discovery of Telly Ray’s foster parents, shot dead in their bedroom.
All evidence points to Telly, and with his background of violence and abuse, all psychological triggers to such behaviour are present. As the manhunt for Telly gathers pace it becomes clear that Sharlah is a target, and the race begins to find Telly before he finds her!
This book is apparently number 7 in a series of books on Quincy and Rainie and although there were a few references to their earlier lives in previous stories, this in no way detracted from this one.
I give this five stars. I particularly liked the way Lisa Gardner handled a difficult subject knowledgeably and with empathy and sensitivity.


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