Red Everything Emotional by Mark Vincent Flanagan

I’m not really sure how I felt about ‘Red Everything Emotional’ by Mark Vincent Flanagan. It is basically a book rooted in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) revolving around how the mental and physical body interact resulting in actions and behaviours; mind and thoughts >> body and feelings/sensations>>actions and behaviours. To change unwanted patterns of behaviour we need to understand the interactions and alter our way of thinking.
Mark Flanagan also brings into his book the idea of mindfulness; an awareness of ourselves, our surroundings and a responsibility for our actions, so that we can note and amend our behaviours accordingly.
My personal experience of standard CBT for emotion-driven behaviour has been a very successful one, but Mark Flanagan addresses it at a different level which may not be accepted by more conservative readers; that of assigning emotions and their related organs a colour. He uses colour as a source of healing, with emphasis on chakras and the seven areas of spiritual healing in the body. As a qualified Reiki healer I am pretty accepting of more alternative therapies, but I would imagine that at this point the author loses some of his more sceptical readers, an implication perhaps reflected in the reviews I have seen on ‘Red Everything Emotional’ prior to reading the book myself.
The book in itself is well written, with clear explanations and a progressive structure and I did enjoy reading it. A book that challenges your comfort zone is generally a worthwhile read even if you don’t always agree with it.