Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

‘Radio Silence’ is a good book which I think loses a little of its grip on the reader towards the end.
I really enjoyed the developing relationship between the awkward but high achieving Frances and the similarly shy, awkward Aled, creator of Universe City, Frances’ favourite podcast series.
Frances has created an exterior self who is accepted by the world at large and accounts for everyone’s expectations of her. As she gets drawn to Aled and his fictional world however, she finds out who she really is (bit of a cliche, but nevertheless true!) and what it’s like to have a real friend who likes her for who she is, not who they think she is.
This story does rely very heavily on enormous coincidences, and a ‘dreams-come-true’ type of ending, but sometimes reality can genuinely surprise us, so why not make-believe?
Alice Oseman did lose me a little when the relationship with Aled broke down, but by that time I was hooked enough in the story to read to the end to find out what happened.
I give this book 4 stars.



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