On a Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond

I loved the opening chapter of Lucy Diamond’s latest, as yet unreleased book, ‘On a Beautiful Day.’  I loved the way the four main characters separated themselves as individuals from their own lives, coming together at the bistro for a birthday lunch.  Each character is introduced separately, what they’re wearing, how they walk; Laura ‘striding across the road’ with Eve ‘coming from the other direction’ and ‘no-nonsense Jo actually giggling and blushing as she chatted into her phone.’  It’s a great introduction, relatable and with the promise of a good gossipy read.
Suddenly however, a horrific car accident gate crashes their fun-filled lunch leaving dead and injured in its wake and in its aftermath he four friends find themselves re-evaluating their lives.  Laura, desperate for a baby, weary of trying and failing; Laura’s sister Jo, facing a new relationship not just with a man, but also with his difficult daughter(!); Eve, the control freak, avoiding dealing with the lump she has found in her breast and the uncertainty it represents; and India, her obsession with one of the victims bringing to the fore a secret she has harboured for far to long….
A great piece of chicklit to which I award 4 stars!


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