No Place to Hide by Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis creates a story full of mystery that keeps the reader guessing until the last few minutes before the event that rocks her world is revealed – and what an explosive reveal it is!
The book opens with central character Justine Cantrell in the present moment, newly resident in the picturesque town of Culver, standing at the edge of Lake Maxinkuckee. Within a few pages the readers are taken back eighteen years to London, and the life that Justine has left behind, along with her husband Matt. We learn that Justine has a huge and devastating secret that she is trying to hide from; that Justine is trying to begin a new life in USA with her youngest daughter Tallulah, away from all that she knew and loved back in England. We learn that she had two other children, Abby and Ben, with no mention of why they are not with her in Culver, only that Tallulah’s only chance at a normal life is to start again with her mother somewhere else.
Susan Lewis guides her readers through Justine’s life, told with ease through the past and present parallel story-telling – and her secret when it is revealed is mind-blowing, as is how well Susan Lewis keeps it under wraps for so long!
I loved this book; I found the characters and their motives for their actions a fascinating study of parenthood, children and the everlasting question of ‘nature and nuture.’


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