My One Month Marriage by Shari Low

What a great read!
In ‘My One Month Marriage,’ Shari Low has created four very strong, very real, very different female characters; Zoe, Marina, Verity and Yvie are well developed and individual, and although as sisters they are  connected by family, they are stand alone characters in their own right.
Chapter one opens with Zoe’s voice, declaring the end of her marriage after just a few short weeks, as her sisters gather around her; it ends on a cliff hanger and the catalyst for the rest of the story – ‘Which one of you slept with my husband?’
Ned is the man in question, who has a connection with each, the story unfolding much like a whodunnit, with each sister guarding a secret, revealed to the reader in her own voice as she fills in her part in the events.
‘My One Month Marriage’ is also about building bridges; initially it is clear the sisters have grown apart as their lives have developed, but the end brings a coming together, an understanding and a healing of differences.
My only comment was that the story did jump about a bit, not just between characters, but also between past and present, so I did have to concentrate!  On the whole though, very enjoyable!
I give this book four stars!