My Husband’s Wife by Amanda Prowse

Rosie Tipcott, born, raised and married to local man Phil in a lovely town in North Devon want nothing more from life than what she already has; a husband she loves and a great family of in-laws, two beautiful daughters and her beloved home. Rosie is perfectly happy with her lot – and then out of the blue her husband says he’s leaving her for another woman. Devastated, Rosie feels her familiar world begin to crumble at speed until it seems she will lose everything; husband, friends, home – even her daughters seem to be moving on without her. But, as Rosie slowly, painfully begins to rebuild her life she begins to re-evaluate her life and her loyalties, and finds a new peace in an unexpected place!
‘My Husband’s Wife by Amanda Prowse made for an interesting read, but it took me until after I’d finished it to really appreciate it. As I read everyday things about everyday Rosie et al running through her everyday routine in her everyday life, initially, I began to feel restless for the story to move on; then, as her world shook and begin to fall apart, I got it. Rosie’s story could be any woman’s story. The ordinary family life could be any one of her readers’ families; Rosie was a highly relatable female character – which means what could happen to her….well, it could happen to any one of us! And that, I feel, was the strength of what turned out to be a highly readable book.
I give ‘My Husband’s Wife’ 4 out of 5 stars.

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