Mindfulness for Teens with ADHD by Debra Burdick

Hmm, I was very intrigued by Debra Burdick’s introductory letter to parents’ of teens with ADHD; ‘you can help them use it and encourage them to stay on track…you may review each activity with them…ask them how or when they will do an activity…remind them to schedule it on their calendar app.’ I have two teenage sons with ADHD; both are good boys, aware of their condition and that they need to manage it to lead fulfilling lives, but…as a parent, pinning them down to study mindfulness, no matter how well written, how well constructed, how targeted to their individual attention spans…not possible for me, in fact nigh on impossible. As an adult with ADHD myself, I am aware of the benefits of mindfulness activities, and also that mindfulness can take many forms, so I will guide them in this direction where I can, perhaps even be a bit sneaky about including exercises from this book in their day – but targeted exercises at present, no chance.
That said, managing ADHD is, and always will be, more of a working towards, than an achieved state, and as books go, this is very well written and constructed for the teen mind – as well as for the adult with ADHD who also is also a ‘working towards’!
A good book to have in your library ready to seize that moment when it arrives!


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