Mindfulness A to Z: 108 Insights for Awakening Now by Arnie Kozak

I have read numerous books on mindfulness over the past few years; having children with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome respectively brings out all sorts of efforts at reducing anxiety and encouraging relaxation for everyone involved! So, what did I like about this book in particular?

The straightforward layout is a simple, easy to understand format; an A-Z makes the book readily accessible amidst the chaos.
The titles under which each idea is categorised are relevant providing a current reference for the moment – great when you’re pushed for time.
The ideas within the A-Z categories are relatable and thought-provoking. The writing style is easy to understand and the chapters are not too long.
On the whole, this is a very accessible book for readers who are new to mindfulness and also for those with more experience. Amidst the frenetic lifestyles that most of the modern generation live, it’s accessibility makes it a great accessory to exploring mindfulness and finding peace in a busy world.

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