Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits

I live with two ‘digital natives’ of the ‘iGeneraltion'; two boys, an 11 year old and a 13 year old, who are drawn to computer games, SmartTV, Smartphones and everything that goes with it like bees to a honeypot! Their dad, with three decades between him and his sons, is similarly drawn to technology, and our household was one of the first to own a computer (now multiple!), to have home internet access, to have WiFi, to have two or three screens linked to one desktop…..and so on! I am now 44 years old and if I examine too closely how quickly technology has developed since I was a child and look ahead to where it might go in the next 44 years, I actually find it overwhelming and even quite scary!
Like every parent who cares, I am concerned about the impact of screens, the quantity and speed of information accessed, the amount of hours spent staring at a screen instead of engaging in physical or social activity and what might be hidden behind every innocent Google search – and was immediately drawn to the book by the title, ‘Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits.’
Admittedly, I didn’t realise it came under the ‘Christianity’ category when I requested it for review, but actually, ‘Christian’ or not, this book thoroughly engaged me with its easily relatable and thought provoking insights into high-tech usage and its impact upon everyday life. Supported by research and figures, the authors Arnie, Pam and Michael organise their writing into very readable categories and chapters with real stories taken from real life to illustrate.
My thoughts towards the book did cool a little in the last two or three chapters when I felt that it moved away from *managing* high-tech habits, to discussing online church communities and heavily promoting and advertising their own Christian-based app.
However, that aside, I think most families living in the current digital age would benefit from reading this book with a view to a realistic analysis and potential moderation of their own high-tech habits.
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.




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